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Boardwalk surrounding Branford Springs


Branford Springs

Branford Springs is located in Ivey Memorial Park in the town of Branford. There are two boat ramps in the park for boats, kayaks, or canoes to access the Suwannee River. There are several picnic pavilions so you can bring a picnic basket with you or visit one of the nearby restaurants and bring your food to the park to enjoy your meal “al fresco”.

Branford Springs stays at 72 degrees just like our other springs year-round. A wooden boardwalk is around this spring. It is a small spring but you can just think of it as nature’s swimming pool. It is a peaceful escape when you need to take a break and enjoy spending time outside. No dogs are allowed in the spring. There is no fee for admission to the park or the spring. Depending on the height of the river the spring may flood.

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