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scuba diver in cave at cow springs live oak florida


Below the Surface

A Cavernous Underworld Of Unexpected Delights

Explore the depths and venture below the peaceful gem-colored waters to experience some of the most enchanting and extraordinary cave systems in the world. For an adventure unlike anything else, dive down deep and admire the limestone formations and bewitching scenery you won’t find anywhere else. Our complex network of underwater caves and caverns never fails to spark wonder and excitement in those who view it.

We’ve got an extensive collection of fresh water springs with complex networks of underwater caverns that even some of the most experienced scuba divers have never laid eyes on! Some of these locations, however, require the diver to have the proper certifications in order to enter some of these springs and sinkholes so make sure you know before you go.

 These dive spots are truly out of this world!


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