Lake County, Florida

Tucked away from the crowds and surrounded by acres of towering trees, you’ll discover a wonder of nature: cool, gemstone-colored freshwater bubbling from deep below the surface. The picturesque calm is inviting for nature lovers, families, and those seeking pure rejuvenation. Enjoy the springs with a refreshing swim, kickback in an innertube, or paddle through the water on a kayak or paddleboard. Relax on the sandy shorelines, explore surrounding trails, or simply bask in the unfiltered beauty.

With dozens of freshwater springs scattered across Suwannee County, you have your choice of perfection. Come along as we introduce you to a variety of favorites and, hopefully, your next adventure. So let’s get to the good stuff!

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Whether you make it to a spring or decide to float the day away, the Ichetucknee River won’t disappoint. The sun (don’t forget the sunscreen!), the views, and a sneak peek at wildlife in its natural habitat will render you relaxed and excited for your next adventure.