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Falmouth Springs

Live Oak

Falmouth Springs

  • Sunrise- Sunset
  • Swimming, picnics
  • 386-362-1001
  • US 90 West, Live Oak FL
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Falmouth Springs is sometimes called “the shortest river in the world.” But it’s not really a river at all! It’s a karst window (an unroofed portion of a cavern) that gives visitors a view into the Floridan aquifer below.

Activities you can enjoy at Falmouth Springs include biking, hiking, horseback riding, picnics, swimming, and wildlife viewing.

Directions to Falmouth Springs: Travel west on US 90 to the community of Falmouth. The entrance into Falmouth Spring is on US 90; turn left approximately 100 yards past 185th Road and the driveway leads to a parking area.

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