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Side view of Peacock Springs


Wes Skiles Peacock Springs

Wes Skiles Peacock Springs is a state park that has two major springs and an award-winning nature trail. Peacock Springs has one of the longest underwater cave systems in the continental U.S. with over 30,000 feet of caves. For those that would rather stay above ground, there is an interpretive nature trail that follows the cave system below your feet.

Activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Amenities include a picnic area including grills, restrooms, and parking. Well-behaved dogs are welcome but they must be kept on a 6 foot handheld leash at all times.

For divers that need supplies or even a place to stay, the Dive Outpost is conveniently located only 2 miles away. Open water divers are only allowed in Orange Grove Sink. Scuba divers must show proof of their scuba certification before being permitted to explore the underwater caverns. Dives must be finished one hour before sundown. Solo diving is not allowed.

When you are ready to go make sure to stop by the Luraville Country Store for great sandwiches or any little conveniences that you may have forgotten. And if you are ready for a day of spring hopping you don’t need to drive far! We have several springs nearby including Royal Springs and Little River Springs.

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